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I started Torbjörn Linderson Consulting in 1987 during my university years working with small business management and environmental consultancy with an economic focus.

My passion for sailing gave me a consultancy for Selden Mast 1997 and since 1999 the main focus is on multihull rig and sailplan design as well as conceptual advice regarding deck gear and sailhandling issues.

Between 1999 and 2011 my main customer was Marstrom Composite AB with an interresting mix of sales, project management, design and marketing. It has been a privilege to stand with the feet in the middle of production acting as a link between clients and the designteam. Projects for Marstrom includes the SeaCart 30 (conceptual design, rig design and project management, se more at ) and the rigs for the Extreme 40s (

As of 2010 I am a part of the Nigel Irens design team for select projects ( involved in the yachts as a whole: general performance characteristics, performance prediction, decklayout, and saildesign.

My broad background enables me to give you insights into how to pitch your own high tech business on a world market.

About Torbjörn Linderson

Privately I am a 48 year old skiing, car racing and sailing enthusiast and a proud father of Linn 18 years old. We live together with my wife Lotta and her 2 children Anton and Moa.


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