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As the first Lombard-designed SeaCart 9m trimaran nears completion Torbjörn Linderson and Kåre Ljung explain the engineering of the demountable system.
Afloat! Twelve months in the planning, the first example of Marc Lombard,s new one-design trimaran class went afloat recently in Sweden.
Anders Lewander of Noth Sails and Torbjörn Linderson of Marstrom Boats have found their programme to perfect the rig och the one-design SeaCart 30 trimaran

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Anyone can make a fast and tough trimaran (well almost anyone) but building to a rigid price is a little harder - Torbjörn Linderson
Torbjörn Linderson reports on an new commercially backend Scandinavien series purpose built around the Marc Lombard-designed SeaCart 30 trimaran
Torbjörn Linderson has the latest update on Marstrom Boats´imminent 9m sports trimaran designed by Marc Lombard

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